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Hypnotherapy & Pain Management Treatments

Brian has a particular interest in hypnotherapy and pain management and helping in pain alleviation. It is often said that pain is like a burglar alarm, both of these phenomena alerting us to the fact that there is a problem in the vicinity. Once we are aware that there is pain it can draw our attention in the direction of a particular health problem. From that point forward it is the therapists task to either lessen or eradicate that pain.

Whether pain is coming from an acute or chronic source pain is life limiting and life restricting. It narrows horizons, lives and careers and can undermine creativity confidence and achievement and is often an medical emergency in its own right. Working gently and holistically, Brian often teaches his clients to use self hypnosis in their personal pain management programme.

In the treatment room, often lifestyle changes will be suggested to help with this therapeutic undertaking but at other times, Brian's work as a hypnotherapist will be enough to bring about a realistic lessening of the problem. Being both a hypnotherapist and a homeopath means that Brian is able to bring one or both of these disciplines to bear on pain management, that dual approach in many cases doing better than a single discipline could do on its own.

Neither homeopathy or hypnotherapy are universal panaceas for medical problems but either individually or in tandem they can often help with pain regardless of whether that pain is physical or emotional in its nature. Hypnotherapy has a considerable body of research behind it as research has demonstrated the efficacy of hypnotherapy in pain control.

Problems and Problem Solving

Most of us are aware that as we journey through life and the human condition that problems will be encountered from time to time. However, most of are unaware that we humans carry within ourselves, the ability and resources necessary to be able to resolve many of the problems that we will commonly encounter.

Every single minute of every day since we were born, we have had experiences and learnings. These almost countless experiences and insights have not simply come and gone as it were but have been stored away in our sub conscious minds in the form of what are technically called engrams. Not only that, but every one of our brain cells, is indelibly stamped with these experiences . So much so, that each and every one of us carries in our sub conscious minds, a vast amount of knowledge, learning and capability, much like data in a computer only far superior and of a power well beyond any computer. Of course, it was Sigmund Freud who gave us the concept of the sub conscious mind and it was Freud who mapped that territory out for us but it was C. G. Jung, Freud's brightest and most significant student who gave us the concept of the Collective Unconscious. The vast amount of information, knowledge and experience that is stored in the subconscious of each and every one of us, when linked to Jung's Collective Unconscious concept ensures that we all have a tremendous amount of knowledge, information and learning at our fingertips, this making us wise, deep and powerful beings with a huge potential for problem solving and living happily, creatively and in some human fulfilment. Hypnotherapy can be one way of realising our true potential and resolving many of the problems that come our way on our journey through life. The hypnotic trance state which an expert hypnotherapist can guide us into is a simple yet powerful means for being able to tap into our huge yet latent potential The potential which is in fact the sum total of all of our experiences and learnings residing there in our own sub conscious minds, just waiting to be activated and utilised in our search for wellbeing, happiness and fulfilment. If weight problems, anxiety, lack of confidence, phobias, fears or any sort or performance anxieties are getting in the way of your full fulfilment, hypnotherapy may be the best method for removing those obstacles on the road to your goals. Usually, the setting of goals is one of the first things discussed between practitioner and client at their very first therapy session.

Your first hypnotherapy appointment and therapeutic interview can be a very significant experience. Many therapists will tell you that case-taking is what they do prior to therapy treatment but this therapist has to disagree with this opinion because research carried out at Harvard University demonstrated that 38 % of the therapeutic benefits of Psycho analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy and counselling, comes from the simple fact of the patient being allowed to tell their own story to an empathic practitioner, in a safe, secure and supportive environment. This means that the healing can begin, even before the therapy proper commences. If healing can begin even before full therapy starts, just think what the therapy could achieve for you.

Stopping Smoking

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking is by far the best way to stop smoking because it is the easiest tried and tested method. By using hypnotherapy, the connection between the client and their addictive habit is broken at a fundamental level, the level of the subconscious mind. It is important for the smoker to realise that their tobacco habit is an addiction and to bring more to bear on the problem than just willpower alone. Willpower is required but in conjunction with hypnotherapy, it does better than with just willpower on its own. A recent article in one of the medical journals pointed out that when a heroin addict injects himself with his drug of choice, the heroin reaches the brain in thirty five seconds, however, it has been shown that when a smoker inhales tobacco smoke, the nicotine content reaches the brain in only twenty five seconds. This shows us just how powerful a substance nicotine is and with a problem as powerful as this we need a countermeasure that is equally powerful and that is where hypnotherapy comes into its own, breaking the addiction at the level of the subconscious mind.

The hypnotherapist is aware, that in the human condition, each and every one of us has been having experiences and learnings in every single minute of every single day of our lives. These experiences and learnings have been going on for us for years and years and all of these experiences and learnings do not just wash over us like will-o-the wisps but are stored away in our subconscious minds in what are technically called engrams. We humans are similar to icebergs in that just as the iceberg has one third of its bulk above the waves and two thirds below. Our conscious well educated minds no doubt are very impressive but the two thirds of the mind which holds the greater part of our intelligent strength and resources are below the waves so to speak in our sub conscious minds. The fact that none of us have had exactly the same set of experiences and learnings stored in our engrams, shows that we are all highly individual, in fact unique and highly intelligent, powerful beings. Certainly at engram level and it is at this level, that hypnotherapy works its very potent process, to help us to disconnect ourselves from negative, life negating habits such as smoking. Most of us are aware that as we go through life, problems will arise from time to time, however most people are unaware that we humans carry within ourselves at a deep level, all of the necessary potentials for dealing with many problems, even when those problems are substance abuse and addictions

So if you are struggling to stop smoking and feel that you need some additional help, hypnotherapy may be the additional dimension that you are looking for, the fresh input that allows you to break free from a habit which does nothing useful or positive but rather detracts from and only serves to undermine your, health, wellbeing and of course, finances.

Having taken all of this on board, what are you waiting For? Just take the one session protocol and simply stop.

By now, your life affirming decision will be paying all sorts of lifestyle and health dividends Then, if you consider what you have been spending on the tobacco habit, If you were to save what you were spending on cigarettes in a week and If you were simply to save that amount for a year or for five years or more, you are most likely looking at the cost of that holiday of a lifetime, or that dream car that you have always hankered for or, those saved funds could go towards the wedding of a son or daughter, or help with the cost of a graduation celebration for a child or grandchild. We all want to be at those sort of events and not in the wheelchair with the oxygen bottle strapped on board. There are so many options for you that will open up once you have quit and towards that end, our hypnotherapist is just waiting to help you achieve your goal, the first of which has to be putting the cigarette habit behind you.

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