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Hypnotherapy in Glasgow

HYPNOTHERAPY, is a gentle and subtle therapy that can be a powerful tool for helping with lifestyle changes and problem solving. It uses the hypnotic trance to allow the therapist to access the client's unconscious mind, that being the place where suggestions and affirmations can be lodged, thus helping the client to overcome whatever difficulties they are facing, whether they be anxieties, fears and phobias, lack of confidence, addictions or achieving goals and targets.

HYPNOTISM, from Hypnos the Greek word for sleep is not sleep but is a perfectly natural and normal state of mind, akin to both meditation and the modus operandi of the shaman*. Originally called mesmerism after Anton Mesmer of Nancy, the French researcher. At a later date, it became known as animal magnetism but in more modern times it has become well known as hypnotism and hypnotherapy.

* see Shamanism, Mircea Eliade 1951

Scotland and Hypnotism

That Scotland has a long standing relationship with hypnosis and in particular the medical use of hypnosis might not be a well know fact in modern Scottish life, however James Esdaile (1808-1859), a son of the manse from Perth was appointed surgeon general of India by Lord Dalhousie in 1846, thus making the 38 year old Scot the most senior medical man on the Indian sub-continent.

Esdaile's main claim to fame was his pioneering use of Hypnosis as anaesthesia in surgical operations. In well documented and closely monitored operations Esdaile carried out over 100 surgical procedures using only hypnosis as anaesthesia. Esdaile book"Mesmerism in India and its Practical Application in Medicine" published in 1846 is still an interesting and useful work.

The Increasing Popularity of Hypnotherapy

When Doctor William Moodie wrote his book Hypnotherapy In Practice, a work mainly intended for General Practitioners, he commented on the increased interest in and popularity of hypnotherapy when he said. Interest in hypnosis is on the increase. This is more than the periodical upsurge of enthusiasm that has often happened when some physician became enamoured of its use. It is the result of a new point of view born of the appreciation that it can be much more than merely an adjunct to suggestion and that it can be a valuable means of access to the deeper layers of the mind where the roots of neurosis lie and from which it is so hard to eradicate them.

Hypnotherapy and Children

In an ideal world, childhood would be a fully idyllic learning and growth experience. However, in the real world, many children discover that childhood is far from perfect and can in fact in its own way be almost as full of anxiety and trauma as adult life is. For those of us who can remember the first day at primary school, or the first day at high school when the last year of primary education was done with, will be able to remember that these times were not easy. And then there were the bullies and aggressive kids that are always a part of school life. Some of the teachers of course were less than user friendly and the stress of exams was traumatic for many children. The fortunate children took all of these experiences in their stride and simply put them behind them, not always though, some children, were scarred and traumatised by certain of their childhood experiences. However, For children between the ages of five and fifteen hypnotherapy can often be a Godsend to help with anxieties and difficultie.

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