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Homeopathy Glasgow

Homeopathic Logic

Homeopathy in Glasgow, a dynamic holistic therapy which uses mainly herbs and some minerals to stimulate the body's own self healing powers. Long recognised for its safe, gentle yet effective approach to a wide range of illnesses, homeopathy is the first medical choice of increasingly more people, its gentle approach making it appropriate for the whole family regardless of age.

Homeopathic remedies can also be used in conjunction with conventional medication.

Homeopathy the basis

Homeopathy is based on a number of natural laws, the most important being the "Law of Similar". This principal means that a medicine which produces certain symptoms when given to healthy people in a test situation will ease those same symptoms when we come across them in illness. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) the physician, medical researcher, linguist and chemist who was homeopathy's founder, discovered that quinine bark a conventional medicine for malaria, produced malarial fevers, when taken by someone who was not ill. Building on that discovery, he went on to experiment with other substances in the same way and came to the conclusion that treating "like with like" was an effective way of stimulating the body's self-healing powers. What Hahnemann rediscovered 200 years ago was known to Hippocrates the ancient Greek physician and "Father of Modern Medicine" just as was known to the Chinese herbalists at the time of Confucius and Lao Tsu and to the Ayurvedic practitioners of ancient India.

Homeopathy sees the symptoms of the body and mind as a totality. It is founded on the premise that we all posses a unique energy / life force which governs our body and mind as a whole and produces symptoms when we are unwell. Hahnemann saw symptoms as being an expression of the body's attempt to heal itself, an illness being brought back into balance and health by being given the right stimulus. In this way the patient is given the right remedy which accurately reflects the pattern of their physical and emotional symptoms.

Homeopathic Consultation

In order to find the correct remedy a medical history needs to be obtained. In addition an understanding of who you are as an individual and how your symptoms are affecting you are also of great importance to the homeopath.

Your first consultation for Homeopathy in Glasgow will take around 60 to 90 mins with the follow up appointments being around 30 to 45mins. Brian Fleming is a Classical Homeopath who has been in practice since 1998. Please contact The Complementary Medicine Centre on 0141 332 4924 for further information.

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